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A BRAND NEW moisturising soap peppered with gentle exfoliating heather seeds. A perfect mixture of refreshingly herbal frangrances with oceanic and woody undertones - a match made in heaven!


How to use:

With the natural benefits of pink arglilets clay, this soap gives you the added benefits of valuable minerals your skin craves. Simply lather up and massage into wet skin and enjoy an enriched gentle cleanse. Rinse and enjoy. 


How to store:  

We recommend keeping our soap in a cool dry place until ready to use.



Sodium Palmate.  Sodium Cocoate.  Aqua.  Sodium Olivate. Parfum.  Montmorillionite Calluna Vulgaris Extract. 

100G Heather Mist Soap

  • Do not use on cut or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse immediately with water if contact occurs. If rash or constant irritation occurs discontinue use. 

Carriage Paid - Net £200

1 Week Turnaround

Use the Filter Bar To See Ranges

For personal customers

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