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To Hell with Gel!

Here at Wild Olive, we’re really proud to be a family run, British manufacturers! In everything we do, we ensure that our products are never tested on animals, SLS, paraben and chemical free, contain sustainable ingredients and over all completely natural.

The very first product that we produced was our natural soap collection and it has been a labour of love ever since! We have worked on our recipes for many years and have created our finest collection. Soap is a staple in our store and our majority of return customers are for soap!

We do know that for some of you, soap can be a difficult sell. So I have outlined a few key benefits of using natural cold-process soap and different ways in which to sell, merchandise and make them into the ideal gift!

Sell It

So, the key things to remember with our soap are simple;

  • It is handmade, here in the UK

  • It is natural

  • All ingredients are sustainable (including sustainably sourced Palm Oil)

  • It is made using a traditional cold process method

  • Each soap has its own benefits and uses

Soap has been around for as long as 3500 years, needless to say some people see it as ‘old fashioned’! However, with more and more consumers wanting a natural, handmade alternative to the huge array of synthetic shower gels and bubble baths, soap is making a come- back!

Many bath and shower products on the market are made with cheap, versatile ingredients making it easier for the manufacturers to make it cheaply and quickly. This however, is not only bad for your skin as it contains chemicals that can seep into the pores and stay for long periods of time but can also contaminate our water, plants and the environment we live in when it is washed away down the drain.

Using natural soap means that we can be sure that our family’s skin is safe as well as the natural world around us! You can read more about natural soaps and the processes in this great article;

Many of our soaps are anti-bacterial, great for sensitive skins, help problematic skins and all of them lather beautifully. You can view the full collection here and read more about their individual benefits!

Merchandise It!

Having the full soap range here in Buxton does give the product high impact and certainly looks appealing! However, we realise that not all of our stockists have the space to display this many varieties and sizes! This is why the POS stand is ideal as it sits neatly on a table or shelf. You can choose which soaps you would like to stock or trust our best sellers!

If taking the full stand is a bit too much of an investment, why not go for 3 or 4 strong, popular varieties of soap and display in natural crates or baskets? I always recommend Rose Geranium, Lemongrass, Lavender and Coconut Clay!

Our 50g bars are also an ideal present-filler at just £2.25! They are also a great add on sale for your cash desk in a glass bowl!

Gift It Up!

Not only is soap a lovely treat for yourself, it is getting increasingly more popular as gifts! We have 2 sizes of Gift soap collections, small and large.

There are loads of ways to introduce your 100g and 50g bars into gifts too! 3 100g soaps fit perfectly in a small jute bag and make a beautiful gift for both ladies and gents!

You can also match your fragrances up with other Wild Olive products like Rose Geranium and Lemongrass with a candle, bath tea bag or bath melt!

Certain soaps are fabulous gifts for men. I always recommend French Clay as it lathers particularly

I hope this has been useful for you, guys! Don’t forget, you can call us, email us or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We always love to hear from you and see how you are getting on with your recent Wild Olive order!

Lauren x

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